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Simplify Your Payment Process with Recurring Payments

TotalPay Payment Services makes it easy for businesses to automate recurring payments and streamline their payment process.


Why Choose Recurring Payments?


How Recurring Payments Work

Recurring payments allow businesses to collect payments on a regular basis from their customers. This is a convenient way to automate payments for services such as subscription-based businesses, utility bills, and monthly membership fees. With TotalPay Payment Services, businesses can easily set up and manage recurring payments for their customers.

To set up recurring payments, a business needs to create a payment schedule that specifies the amount, frequency, and duration of the payments. TotalPay Payment Services provides businesses with a simple and intuitive interface to set up and manage recurring payments.

Once the payment schedule is created, the customer needs to authorize the recurring payments. This can be done through a variety of methods such as a signed agreement, online form, or electronic authorization.

Once the customer has authorized the recurring payments, TotalPay Payment Services automatically processes the payments on the specified schedule. The payments can be made using customers credit/debit cards.

Once the payments are processed, the customer receives a payment confirmation notification. The business also receives a real-time payment notification and can view payment details and reports on their TotalPay Payment Services account.

TotalPay Payment Services provides businesses with a user-friendly dashboard to manage and track recurring payments. This includes the ability to edit payment schedules, view payment history, and generate reports.